I am based in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and thus in the middle of the dynamics of South-East Europe and the Balkan region. Currently, I am an editor for 24trains.tv and besides that I am also writing freelance for a Dutch specialized newspaper (Nieuwsblad Transport) now and than. I used to write for Belgrade Insight (see an overview of my articles & publications here).

I have knowledge of history, politics, railways, infrastructure. I am in the middle of Serbian society so I have a vast network of contacts. If you would like an article for your newspaper, magazine, online or offline from the Balkan region about these subjects then please contact me contact me here for your assignment. For other subjects we can always discuss if it is possible or not.


I can also do translations for you or your company. The following language combinations are possible:

  • Dutch-English
  • Dutch-French
  • English-Dutch
  • English-Serbian
  • Serbian-English
  • French-English
  • French-Dutch
  • German-Dutch
  • German-English
  • Serbian-Dutch (via third party)
  • Dutch-Serbian (via third party)

If you have an assignment for me you can contact me of course, you can contact me here.

I did translation work for the following clients:

-Museum Valjevo, Serbia ( see here);
Permanente make-up Friesland, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands;
-A translation agency, Belgrade, Serbia;
Four Dots, Belgrade, Serbia (see here);
-Schoorsteenhandel.nl, Belgrade, Serbia;
-Many other clients.