Balkan trip 2009

Balkan trip 2009

08/05/2009 0 By Fabian

So the 20th of May I will go to the Balkans again. This time I fly first to Vienna where I have 7 hours time to visit the city. After Ia short visit to Vienna I will fly to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The city of Sarajevo is symbol of the Bosnian war from 1991 to 1995 It was the longest besieged city in modern history. I am curious what I will see and discover. The 23rd of May I will take the bus to Kraljevo in Serbia where I will stay by Darko and his family. The 24th May he will celibate his wedding and I will be one of his guests! I am very very curious how this ceremony will pass and feel honored to be invited.

I do not know how long the wedding takes place, normally three days in Serbia, but Wednesday 27th or Thursday 28th of May I will go to Pristina in Kosovo where I will be the guest of Kujtime. Special will be the transfer through Kosovo Mitrovica, where there are some tenses at this moment.

After Pristina I have to go back to Podgorica, where I take my flight the 2nd of June back to the Netherlands, via Vienna. Either I do the return via Kraljevo,or I go directly from Pristina, we will see. I spend at least the last night in Podgorica, Montenegro.

I think it is going to be an interesting trip for me : places where I read a lot about I will now visit (Sarajevo), seeing back my Serbian friends from Kraljevo (from who one is going to marry), seeing back my Kosovo friend in Pristina… and going to Montenegro. I will try to keep you up to date via my blog, but the internet on the Balkans is not so good sometimes (and sometimes really good).

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