23/08/2008: Prague / Praha (CZ)

23/08/2008: Prague / Praha (CZ)

23/08/2008 0 By Fabian

I am in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, visiting my best friend Lars .

It was a great day, we walked a lot and we visited the Prague grad (castle).
We visited a very touristic area which I personally do not like (as does Lars).

But the first thing I arranged was my train ticket to Zagreb, my next stop (Monday, 04:30 way too early for me)

After which we drunk a beer and we returned home safe with the last metro and bus, that says enough I think.

Than on 24th August I will cross the Alps and enter the Balkans…. or at least I think, but where does the Balkans start? Tomorrow they will convince me in Zagreb that they are not part of the Balkans. Just like the Czechs tell me that they are not part of Eastern Europe…..

I do not know that’s why I make this trip and will find out myself..

Anyway tomorrow I cross some borders (CZ-AT AT-SLO SLO-HR) and we will see, I do not care. Borders are not important to me, but tomorrow I like to cross them!

Ciao from Prague!

With Lars in Prague


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