"Over thousands of miles,
Of shining steel rails,
Past green and red semaphores
And unheeding flagmen,
Trains are running,
Trains, trains, trains."

" Rattling through tunnels
And clicking by way stations,
Curving through hills, past timber,
Out into the open places,
Flashing past silos and barns
And whole villages,
Until finally they echo
Against the squat factories
That line the approach to the cities."
Part of: "W. D. Eaton, ed. Great Poems of the World War. Chicago: T.S. Denison & Company, 1922" Source: Emory Libraries.

I like trains and especially travelling with the train. Beside that I am also from a railway family: my father, my brother, my grand-father,my oncle: all they have worked or work for the railways as I did. During my studies I worked as a bridge-waiter on the posts of Nieuwersluis and Breukelen, on the railway line between Utrecht C and Amsterdam C.

Later I worked for the Wagon-Lits or Railtender from the base of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. also I worked from the base of The Hague and Brussels-South (Bruxelles-Midi), because I lived in The Hague and Ghendt for my studies.

The TGV Duplex you see above, I drove myself once between Valence and Macon (F), with 300 km p/h!

I like to make pictures of trains now in a different way, strange pictures, with nature, sunlight, or in the dark. You can use the pictures, but only after notifying me (see on this site under the contact button).

Trains ok, nice, but there are also more in life, look for my other interests and hobbies here.