Introduction Makedonski Zeleznici

Makedonski Zeleznici (Македонски железници, or in Dutch Macedonische Spoorwegen in French: Chemin de fer de Macedoine) is the state railway company of the Republic of Macedonia. Their head office is in Skopje. The company was created from the Yugoslavian Railways, division Skopje in 1991, when Macedonia became independent. It has the following lines with passenger traffic:
* Tabanovce-Kumanovo (Serbian border)-Skopje-Veles-Gevgelija (Greek border)->Electrified.
* Skopje-Veles-Prilep-Bitola->Diesel
* Skopje-Tetevo-Kicevo (limited services)-> Diesel
* Skopje-Veles-Kocani (limited services)-> Diesel
* Skopje towards Kosovo (limited services)-> DieselServices are limited, due lack of money, but improving due financial aid.

The first railway in Macedonia started on the 9th April 1873.

The transformation of the Macedonian railways

Celebration marking the first train from Veles in 1873 in Thessaloniki (click on the photo to enlarge).
  • Oriental (Eastern) Railway (Macedonian Railways) in 1873
  • Serbian State Railways in 1913
  • Railways of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918
  • Yugoslavian State Railways in 1929
  • Bulgarian State Railways in 1941
  • Macedonian State Railways in 1944/1945
  • Macedonian Federal Railways in 1945
  • Yugoslav Railways in 1945
  • Directorate of State Railways in Skopje in 1945
  • Rail transport company - Skopje in 1963
  • Railway Transport Organization - Skopje in 1977
  • Rail transport company - Skopje in 1990
  • JP Macedonian Railways CO - Skopje in 1995
  • Macedonian Railways was divided in 2007 into:
    -MZ Infrastructure 
    -MZ Transport AD

    In 1991, the European Commission started deregulation with Directive 91/440. European Union member states were required to separate provision of transport services and the management of the infrastructure. Macedonia implemented this directive by splitting up the "old" MZ into the two independent bodies mentioned above.