Links to website of my friends:

A den Doolaard
About the Dutch writer & traveler who wrote a lot also about the Balkan region.

About books about the Balkans and several other Balkan related topics.

Israël Nieuws
Nieuws uit Israel en de joodse wereld.

Klub ljubitelja železnice Beograd
Our club of railway enthusiasts in Belgrade.

La passion du train
French website with beautiful pictures of French trains.
Railway history, design and photography.

Saobraćajna Kamera
About traffic safety in Serbia.

Slavica Sekuloski
Dutch painter with Balkan roots.

The Nutshell Times 
Stories about Belgrade & the Balkans.

Train Siding
Train Siding,  the app for train enthusiasts!

Train website from Nico Spilt
Everything you want to know about (Dutch) trains.

Website about…trains ! Check also their calculator for the cheapest train tickets ! In Dutch language only, but google translate can help you if you don’t understand Dutch.

Vojvodina Country Tourism
The village of Skorenovac, a village in Vojvodina +/- 70 km from Belgrade, is worth visiting.