Mountains cover the largest parts of the country. Four mountain systems meet in Serbia: Dinaric Alps in the west cover the greatest territory, and stretch from northwest to southeast. Carpathian Mountains and Balkan Mountains stretch in north-south direction in the eastern Serbia, west of the Morava valley. Ancient mountains along the South Morava belong to Rilo-Rhodope Mountain system.

The most significant mountains in Serbia are:

The highest peak in Serbia is Đeravica on Prokletije (2,656 m) in Kosovo. If you consider Kosovo not a part of Serbia then Midžor/ Миџор is with  2,169 metres  the highest mountain of Serbia which can be found on the border with Bulgaria .

(Source: Wikipedia)

Relief map of Serbia

A list with the highest mountains in Serbia

The following list only shows those mountain peaks which reach over 2000 meters in height. Those with an asterix (*) behind their name marks that the peak is in Kosovo.

Your webmaster climbed for you on the 11th September 2010 Midzor in Stara Planina, pictures can be found here.

Peak Mountain range height (a.s.l.)
Đeravica (*) Prokletije 2656m
Peskovi (*) Sar-planina 2651m
Bistra (*) Sar-planina 2609m
Crni vrh (*) Sar-planina 2585m
Vrtop (*) Sar-planina 2555m
Gusan (*) Prokletije 2539m
Bogdas (*) Prokletije 2533m
Zuti kamen (*) Prokletije 2522m
Marijas (*) Prokletije 2510m
Rops (*) Bogićevica 2501m
Ljuboten (*) Sar-planina 2498m
Maja (*) Sar-planina 2493m
Veternik (*) Koprivnik 2461m
Hajla (*) Hajla 2403m
Koritnik (*) Koritnik 2393m
Rusulija (*) Zljeb mountain 2381m
Streoc (*) Streočka planina 2377m
Tromeđa (*) Prokletije 2366m
Zljeb (*) Zljeb 2365m
Rаsa e Zogit (*) Junik Mountains 2305m
Osljak (*) Osljak 2212m
Kačina glava (*) Sar-planina 2207m
Ovčinec (*) Sar-planina 2177m
Midzor Stara Planina 2168m
Pogled Mokra gora 2154m
Bandera (*) Suva planina (Pećka) 2098m
Ostrvica (*) Ostrvica (Jezerska planina) 2092m
Serupa (*) Sar-planina 2092m
Dupljak Stara Planina 2032m
Murga (*) Sar-planina 2025m
Pančićev vrh Kopaonik 2017m
Volujak (*) Paklen (Pećki) 2014m