330 BC: founding of Constantinopel (=Istanbul, Turkey).
395 BC: Divore of the Roman Empire (In a West and East Roman Empire).
6-7th century: The Slaves enter the area and settle.
865: The Bulgarians accept the Christian religion.

1204: Constantinopel plundered during the fourth Crusade.
1389: 28the June: The mythic battle of Kosovo Polje, Serbian price Lazar murdered.
1402: Edirne (Adrianopolis) is becoming the new capital of The Ottaman Empire.
1463: Ottomans conquers Bosnia.
1683: Ottoman try to conquer Vienna (Wien-Austria), but they fail.
1683: Ottoman Empire on it’s biggest despite the second fail of conquering Vienna.
1736-39: Russian/Austrian-Turkish war.
1782-92: Russian/Austrian-Turkish war.
1797: End of Venetian republic.

1804: First Serbian rebellion.
1815: Second Serbian rebellion.
1821: Greek independent war.
1830: Greek independence.
1839: The Ottoman Empire changes their laws.
1858: Kingdoms of the Danube-region unifed (Roumenia).
1870: Bulgarian orthodox church becomes independent.
1877-78: Russian-Turkish war
1878: Treaty of San Stefano (see map here): Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Roumenia recognized as independant states.
1893: Founding of IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation).
1903: Rebellion of Illinden (in Macedonia).

1912: First Balkan war: Albania recognized as independant state.
1913: Second Balkan war.
1914-1918: First world war: murder on the 28th June 1914 of Austrian emperor Frans Ferdinand by Serbian Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo.
1918: Kingdom of Serbs, Croates and Slovenians was found.
1919-22: Greek-Turkish war in Anatolia.
1923: Treaty of Lausanne (CH) between Greece and Turkey: exchanges of population. Italians bombed Corfu.
1939: Italy attacks Albania.
1940: Roumenia lost (under pressure) territories to Russia (USSR), Hungary, Bulgaria. Italy attacks Greece
1941: Germans conquer Yougoslavia and Greece.
1941-44: Balkan occupied by the “Axis-powers”: Croatia as an indepent state within the Axis-powers (with Ante Pavelić as head of state).
1944-45: Germans withdraw from the Balkan.

1946: On January 31th, the new constitution of Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, modeling the Soviet Union, established six constituent republics and two autonomous provinces. Head of state is Josip Broz Tito.
1946: Bulgaria became a People’s Republic in 1946 and one of the U.S.S.R.’s staunchest allies.
1946-49: Greek civil war.
1947: Romania was proclaimed a communist state
1967: On April 21th, just before scheduled elections, a group of right-wing colonels led by Colonel George Papadopoulos seized power in a coup d’etat establishing the Regime of the Colonels. The dictatorship ends in 1974.
1974: In Yugoslavia a new Constitution was ratified  that gave more rights to the individual republics and provinces (Kosovo and Vodjovina).
1980: On 4th May, Josip Broz Tito dies.
1981: On the 1st of January Greece join the European Union.
1987: Milosević emerged in April as the leading force in Serbian politics.
1989: Communistic regimes in Eastern-Europe withdraw, only in Roumenia in a violent way.

1990-91: War starts between Yougoslavia (Serbia) and Croatia and before also 10 days in Slovenia.
Croatia and Slovenia declare themselves independent from Yugoslavia.
1991: 8th september (officially): Macedonia indepedent without violence.
1992-95: War in Bosnia (starts in Sarajevo on 5th of april 1992).
1995: 15th July : the enclave of Srebrenica “falls”: Bosnian-Serb army starts the biggest massacre after WO II.
1995: Treaty of Dayton, formally signed in Paris on December 14th, ends the war in Bosnia and Bosnia became under UN-authority.
1999: April-June: war between Ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia) and NATO about Kosovo.

2000: 5th October: Revolution in Serbia: Milosevic lost elections and did withdraw.
2001: Rebellion of Albanian population in Macedonia: a mini war starts in the northwestern part of Macedonia.
2001: 13th August, the Treaty of Ohrid signed by Macedonian government and Albanese parties.
2002: 28th June (!), Milosevic was brought to International Court of war crimes in The former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Hague.
2004: 1st May: Slovenia  join the E.U.
2006: 11th March, Milosevic dies in his cel in the Hague.
2006: 3th June, independence of Montengero after referendum: Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore…..
2007: Roumenia and Bulgaria join the E.U.
2008: 17th February: Kosovo declares itself illegally independence: it was recognized after by various states.
2009: Albania and Croatia join NATO: Macedonia can’t joint because of the veto of Greece.
2013: Croatia joins the EU 1st July