The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was founded on an Avnoj* congres which was held from the 21th to the 29th November 1943.

*AVNOJ (Antifasističko Vijeće Narodnog Oslobođenja Jugoslavije, standing for Anti-Fascist Council for the People’s Liberation of Yugoslavia).

The start of the desintegration of Yugoslavia

At 15:05 on 4 May 1980, life in what was then Yugoslavia was halted by a single news bulletin: “To the Working Class, Working People and Citizens, Nations and Nationalities of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia: Comrade Josip Broz Tito has died.” With this message the des-intgration proces of Yugoslavia started. To keep it simple, the period 1945-1980 was the period of Josip “Broz” Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia under the motto:  “Brotherhood and unity “.

On the 4th of May 1980 Josip “Broz” Tito died on the age of 88 in Ljubljana.