Money is nice to have, and you will need it also in Serbia, because nothing is for free. Nothing? The hospitality of the Serbs is for free and their hospitality is huge! But, here you will find more about the Serbian monetary system, because on hospitality alone you can not live.

It is very easy to get money in Serbia , because you can go just to the cash machine (ATM), most accept foreign cards. The official currency of Serbia is the Serbian Denar, or RSD.

Look for the most actual exchange rate at the website of the Serbian National Bank (NBS):

 In Kosovo*** the Euro is the official currency, except in the North of Kosovo where the Serbian Dinar is accepted.

Banknotes and coins

Serbian banknotes in circulation:
(for more information please visit the website of the Serbian National Bank:

·         5000 Dinars  – issue 2003

·         1000 Dinars  – issue 2003 and 2006

·         500 Dinars    – issue 2004 and 2007

·         200 Denars    – issue 2005

·         100 Dinars    – issue 2003, 2004 and 2006

·         50 Dinars      – issue 2005

·         20 Dinars      – issue 2006

·         10 Dinars      – issue 2006

The following coins are in circulation:

1 RSD, 2RSD, 5RSD,10RSD and 20RSD

***The Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is currently under the administration of UNMIK (the UN Interim Mission in Kosovo).