My photos

Photographing is one of my hobbies and here you can find a lot of my photos of most of my travels. In the left column you can click on the country or category of which you want to see the pictures .

I hope you like my photos. If you want to use them please contact me and tell me for what purpose you want to use them and I will contact you back to see what I can do for you. Most of the time I will share it with you for free. All the pictures have copyright by me.

Panorama pictures

I like also to make panorama, a selection you can find here.


Re-arranging photo albums

I am currently re-arranging my photo albums here and this is going to take a while. From year per year photos I will switch to pictures per country.

Below you will found the newest galleries:

Pictures of Greece, 2015

In May 2015 we went on honeymoon to Athens. We visited the city of course, but first we took a rest in Glyfada (the " Athens riviera" )

Click on the picture below for pictures from this trip.

Pictures of Serbia, 2014

In 2014 I went to Serbia in March, April, May and the 1st of August. BUT the travel to Serbia on the 1st of August was different then all the other previous trip, because it was not just a trip, no it was a trip to my new home country! 

I started to live in Serbia from that very day and a dream came true. In the selection of pictures you will find pictures from kraljevo, Miločaj, Smederevo, Cvetke, a train trip Kraljevo-Požega and of course my new home town Belgrade.

Click on the picture below for a selection of pictures of Serbia in 2014.