Dear readers of my blog,
I have an interesting time in Kraljevo, central Serbia. First off all I was welcomed by Darko, a new friend who lives here, and where I stay. The hospitality of Serbian people is enormous I can say, it is just overwhelming.

Žiča Monastery

Today I have some interesting talks by an NGO called Zamislis Srbiju (Imagine Serbia, link:

We talk about Serbian refugees from Kosovo and the actual situation in the region, music, movies and life. It is very interesting to meet people here and to talk openly and freely, which was not possible ten years ago….I got some more background information then I read only in books and that is very interesting.

I can tell you after what I heard and saw that I am very very grateful that I am from a country where there was no war (at least not after the Second World war)….

In Beograd I was in a museum where they showed what cluster bombs do, which NATO threw in Nis, but also here in Kraljevo. I saw also parts of an ” invisible” Stealth plane, which the Serbs shot down…I will wrote more about that when I am home and show you the pictures.

Beside these sad stories I have a great time and feeling really comfortable and enjoying my holidays. Traveling is a search to yourself you can say sometimes, and I feel good that I am now in Kraljevo and talk with people in a very relaxed way about that what I read at home. I get more background information, and then not only on a ” western point of view”, but also a Serbian point of view.

On Wednesday I will go to Macedonia and stay in Skopje for one night, but to get there I will sit in a bus for 7 1/2 hour .

Anyway first I go to have some interesting time here and of course also make some fun.

Ciao, from Kraljevo-Serbia

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