This will be my last blog from abroad, because soon I will go back home . Yesterday I went an afternoon to Ohrid. I took a nice swim in the Ohrid lake, and it was wonderful: the water is very clear and was warm (the summer was hot here in Macedonia, and it is still +30 C)

Ohrid was also the most southern point of my Balkan trip which took 2 1/2 week, almost three weeks. Today at 15h50 I fly back from Skopje to Amsterdam with a change in Ljubljana I take a taxi from Kičevo to the Airport, more then 100 km and only 40 euro’s.

I cannot describe this trip, it was too beautiful: I have a lot of inspiration for my website about the Balkans, but most important: I met a lot of interesting and friendly people and made new friends. I have more insights now also from this region, more views…(and a lot of pictures).

OK here the most beautiful memories in a brief.
Zidani Most (SLO): spotting trains and drinking a beer on the terrass on the platform 🙂
Zagreb (HR): the parties… And the railway museum
Beograd (SRB) : Tito ‘s grave, the war museum and the Greenbeat festival
Kraljevo (SRB) : The hospitality of Darko and familly, bbq @ home and Zica monastery and the fun
Skopje (MK): the special train trip to Veles
Kičevo (MK): The hospitality of Brane&Marija and of course, the high point: Mount Korab

Of course I will place the pictures (a lot) on my website and will write more when I am @ home! Ciao from Makedonija!!!

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