Yesterday we went by train to the beach in Jurmala, which was really nice: there was a lot of snow but we had some nice snow fighting.

The Baltic Sea in Jurmala (Latvia)

After we came back we had a nice party, so it was hard to get up this morning!

So this afternoon I went , surprisingly for you who know me ;-), to the Latvian Railway museum, which was quite nice.

A diesel locomotive in the Latvian Railway museum

Then I went to the museum of the occupation of Latvia, which was really interesting. A lot of Latvians were during the Stalin era transported to the Gulag camps, see an example below.

Replica of a Gulag barrack in the Museum of the occupation of Latvia.

So tomorrow I will relax, probably see another museum, we will see. For now I go to sleep….Ciao from Riga !

My next trip ? Detail of a map which was hanging in the Latvian Railway museum.

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