When you are in Serbia and you stay by friends, like I do, then you have to report yourself by the police. So yesterday I went to the police to register myself. If there is one thing I hate then it is things like this: register myself at the police station and feeling threatened like a criminal….Hey guys, I am tourist, I bring some dinars to the country, so instead of a very unfriendly policemen, I expect a welcome committee.

But forget about this stupid registration procedure, this will soon be abolished I guess, I hope. Until then I will report myself here and an unfriendly policemen can ask stupid things and a lady with a hair dress from Tito’s time can watch my brand new passport with chip 🙂

My welcome committee was already there on Saturday, when the bus crashed in Bosnia first and then broke down near Čačak, my Serbian friends came to pick me up and that was great. Don ‘t think this is a police state or something, because most things are going easy and calm here, but I am from a country where we hate rules and therefor I had to write my frustration here.

I am feeling great here, although I miss some one who has her birthday tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go to Macedonia, unfortunately I could not make it easily from here to Kosovo, so I go to Makedonija, a country I really like just like Serbia….

From Serbia with love 😉

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