Traveling in Serbia is not as in my home country: there are not every 15 minutes fast trains which are almost on time (but I see improvement, hvala “Železnice Srbije“) with an average speed of 100km p/h . It does not matter, because Serbia and it ‘s people are too beautiful to cross it with that speed. Last trip I traveled almost 1000 km through Serbia and I enjoyed the car-rides,  buses , trolley’s and trains.  I had time to see the beautiful Serbian countryside and spent a good time with (unknown) friends while traveling or waiting somewhere.

“Partir, c’est mourir un peu” (=”Leaving is dying a bit” phrase by the French Alphonse Allais) , but for me, at least in Serbia, it meant also that I could pack in beautiful moments into my bag and carry them with me for eternity and that is what I am writing now about these days.  Traveling in Serbia means sometimes time and patience, but both will be rewarded with much more….

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