I was so busy last weeks and so many things happened that I will not name them all here. I have been around New Year two weeks in Serbia and Bosnia and that was of course really nice again. Every time I am going to Serbia I have the feeling that I feel more and more home and that thanks to the nice friends I have there: Hvala Vi!

When I was in Serbia we visited a monument for Miloš in Miločaj, see previous blog post and we were interviewed by Serbia’s daily quality newspaper “Politika” as you can see below.

The original article can be found on the website of Politika, you can of course Google Translate the article.

We have now also our own website online about our (re)search to the Serbian WW1 soldiers who died in the Netherlands. We have now a fully functional website which is www.secanje.nl , please visit those sites and spread the word: we have spent a lot of effort to put it online and we will continue to expend it.

Soon in it is carnival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which I will not celebrate too much this year, although the Sunday parade cannot be missed of course. After that a good friend from Serbia is coming over and then it is just a couple of weeks later when  spring will start: time flies…..

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