The National Park Đerdap, where I was this weekend is a beautiful area. It is situated on the bank of the Danube , which forms the border with Romania. The Iron Gate is situated here, it is the smallest point of the Danube river and the gorge formed by this mighty river is impressive.

The region is truly beautiful: it has historic and cultural monuments, the nature is outstanding. The Roman Limes were here for example, but before (+/- 6000 years before) a settlement was already here (Lepenski Vir). Now it is the border between (EU-) Romania and Serbia and in the middle the mighty Danube flows as always towards the Black Sea.

Golubac Fortress, 14th century
The Iron Gate, with left Romania and right Serbia. This is the smallest point of the Danube.
Serbian border pole: the border with Romania is in the middle of the Danube river.
Lepenski Vir (Лепенски Вир) is an important Mesolithic archaeological site : the latest data suggest 9500-7200 B.C. to be the start.

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