Samo malo or još malo, Serbian for “just a bit”. I hear it many times here in Serbia and it seems after a year I slowly started to accept it finally: in same cases quicker then in other cases. The case where it still ask a lot of my patience is in the bus: when I am in a full bus (not happen very often, but it does) then there is always somebody behind you who want to step in and says ” samo malo” or još malo . Samo malo where ? I can barely breathe or move and you just want “samo malo”?  It are always ladies who are a bit more older, no clue way, but ok.

It is just a cultural clash and actually (yes sorry dear fellow bus passengers in Belgrade) now I get the clue: in Serbia nobody is left behind, just “samo malo” , hold your breathe, hold in your belly, make space and don’t complain. So I stopped complaining.

The case when I never complain is when the host you are visiting ask you do  if you want another rakija : ” samo malo” ……

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