Imagine just an ordinary street in Belgrade, nothing special, it is not even in the city centre of Belgrade. There is a Kafana, an exchange office, an ordinary small restaurant, a very expensive “fancy smency” restaurant, a garage for tires, a shop where they sell things on demand (I still do not know what I actually can buy there), a bike shop, an auto parts shop, a kiosk, another small supermarket (but there you can take the things yourself), bakery and a takeaway food counter.

Beside that you will find also a taxi stand, a gas station, a bus-stop, another small garage, an office which sells and repair air conditioners, some other small offices from various companies and yes if you want to buy a stove, it is also possible in the same street.

This ordinary street can be very busy, with cars, busses, people and street dogs passing. The guy from the exchange office is originally from Montenegro, the guys from the tire garage are from all parts of Yugoslavia, the Kafana owner is from Bosnia (I hope he will hang back the portrait of Gavrilo Princip at the entrance after he finished refurbishing his Kafana), the lady making me a pljeskavica is I think from Slavonia which is nowadays Croatia (yes that used to be also a part of Yugoslavia) and for sure I forgot something.

Aha, I remember, it seems there is every day a strange Dutch guy walking to his work with a too big smile and saying “dobro jutro” to everybody. He thinks he knows them all in that ordinary street, but every day new surprises pop up. When he goes back he says “doviđenja” shake some hands and thanks them for a nice day. Just an ordinary street in Belgrade….

Thank you for making me feel welcome!

-Hvala vam- 

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