Personally I am not a Star Wars fan at all , but I think today we visited a place which would fit in this kind of genre. We visited a WWII monument on the top of the mountain Kosmaj which was erected for the soldiers of the Yugoslav Partisan “Kosmaj Partisan detachment”.  Kosmaj is a mountain south of Belgrade and with an elevation of 626 meters, it is the highest point of the entire Belgrade City area.

The monument was built during the Yugoslav times and represents a spark. I have to admit that it is quite a unusual monument, but there are more of them in former Yugoslavia.

Below some pictures which I took of the monument.

Below a panorama picture of the mountain Kosmaj.

There is a also a beautiful monastery on the foot of this beautiful mountain, named Manastir Tresije and they are modern monks, they have even a website:

A beautiful day , with beautiful weather (+/-28C) and a beautiful place: Ovo je Srbije (=this is Serbia)!

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