On the 1st August 2014, three years ago, I stepped in the plane on Eindhoven-Airport (the Netherlands) which brought me to Аеродром Никола Тесла Београд (Belgrade-Serbia). For me it was not just a regular flight, no I made a huge step forward in my life, because I travelled to my love with whom I decided to live together in Belgrade. Of course it was difficult to say “see you later” to my family and friends in the Netherlands, but on the other hand Serbia is not that far like Australia or Canada.

I don’t like to think like “would you do it differently?”, but of course I think about it. The answer to the question is by the way: “no”. Additional question: “do I want to return to the Netherlands with my love?” Answer: “No”. Extra additional question: “do you miss the Netherlands sometimes?”  The answer is: “Yes, I do miss the Netherlands and family & friends sometimes.”

May 2017, Eemmeer, (Central) the Netherlands.

Enough with sentimental questions! I am delighted to live with my wife together in Serbia and the people are really friendly &helpful. Nature is beautiful and the food is delicious. The last couple of months small irritations started to pop up, but that is normal: name me a country where everything is 100 % perfect. Despite these irritations overall life is good and there are many opportunities to come, but with everything in life you need sometimes a bit of patience. Here in Serbia they would say ~ samo polako~ (=just relax, or slow), I would rather prefer ” sve će biti u redu” (Everything is going to be fine) ! But of course, most of all I am more than happy to live together with my Serbian wife.

August 2017, Gružansko lake, Central-Serbia.

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