Yesterday I hiked in the Ovčar-Kalblar gorge with the “Belgrade Foreigners club”. This gorge is located just south of Čačak, a town in Central-Serbia.  We started our ascend towards the top of mount Kablar (alt. 889 meters a.s.m.l) from the village Ovčar Banja.

It is a beautiful area and it is often called the Serbian mount Athos as there are many monasteries in this area. From the once 300 monasteries only 10 are left now. While climbing we visited a church in the rock which is very impressive.

“Isposnica Svetog Save”. Photo credit; Fabian Vendrig

The view from top of mount Kablar is very impressive.

View towards mount Ovčar as seen from he top of mount Kablar. Below the gorge of the West-Morava) and the the left the town of Čačak and to the right the village of Ovčar Banja (click on the photo to enlarge). Photo copyright: Fabianv Vendrig

I definitely want to go back to enjoy the beautiful nature, the impressive views and the beautiful monasteries.

The lovely landscape of Ovčar-Kablar. Photo credit: Fabian Vendrig

It was a very pleasant day, with nice after summer sun rays and the good company from people of the Belgrade Foreigners club.

Group picture in front of the monastery Blagoveštenje, one of the oldest still in function. Photo credit: Philomena O’Brien.


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