Here a different year overview than all the other ones 🙂 : the year 2017 in 10 panorama pictures, I made them all myself and you can click on them to view them larger. Enjoy and of course have photogenic 2018 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

1: Snow in Miločaj (Serbia), with a temperature of -20 Celcius, 08/01/2017.
2: Roma (Italy), 01/02/2017
3: Saint Peters square, Vatican city (Vatican), 03/02/2017.
4: The Hague (the Netherlands), 22/05/2017.
5: Sailing near the holy Mount Athos (Greece), 12/07/2017.
6: Watching the sunset from Kraljev Sto (alt.1104 asml), a mountain near Divčibare (Serbia).
7: Climbing in the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, the “Serbian Mount Athos” (Serbia), 23/09/2017.
8: Beograd (Serbia), view from Kalemegdan, 12/12/2017.
9: Beograd (Serbia), view of the fortress Kalemegdan, 12/12/2017.
10: View from the fortress Kalemegdan in Beograd (Serbia) on the Sava river. The mountain on picture number 6 could been seen even from here, 12/12/2017.

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