This morning I passed them again: the evil cats of knjižara (=book shop) Apropo (link) at Cara Lazara street in the city center of Belgrade. Every morning I pass them on my way to the office and I could not stand it any more, it was enough ! During my lunch break I went there and started to complain to the staff  of the mentioned book shop about their evil cats.

I told them: “it is not fair that your cats are lying nicely and warm when I have to walk to the office”. “The worst thing is that they are smiling, jawing, looking at me stupid, evil or they are laughing at me”. “If next time they will do it again I will be back with my complaints”.  The good staff  member told me that she felt sorry for me and told me “that´s life”. The other one told me “you are always welcome with your complaints”. So that we call good customer relations :-).

One of the evil cats….

And of course, go there indeed, it is a lovely place (and the cats are nice during opening hours 😉 )

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