“April u Beogradu” is a very famous song in former Yugoslavia from Zdravko Colic from the  ’70s. April is beautiful in Belgrade and it is no wonder that Zdravko Colic sang about it.adidas best shoes best nike air max shoes best human hair wigs online custom football uniforms nike air max white design jerseys jordan shoes for sale adidas yeezy 700 v3 wigs online nfl jerseys cheap lovense sex toys cheap lace front wigs nike air max men custom softball jerseys sex toys online

“Prolaze i vracaju se sa lastama, (They are passing by and they are coming back with swallows,)
Suncani i nasmijani dani.” (sunny and smiley days )

Those are the days that Belgraders start to walk outside again in the evening along the Sava or the Danube river, because spring has arrived. I also walk with my wife along the Danube in Zemun and see the swans colony over there. After a long winter people meet again on the many terraces and celebrate the arrival of the spring.

That kind of April seems so far away, since the corona virus arrived in Serbia. Since 15th March there is a curfew in Serbia. Now the curfew  is from 17h00 until 05h00 in the morning and this weekend we have to stay in the home from Saturday 13h00 till Monday morning 05h00.

Belgrade became an empty city, and after 17h00 the images are even more surreal, just like many images from all over the world, Belgrade is unfortunately not an exception.

April u Beogradu, umorno se smjesi; (April in Belgrade smiles tiredly)
Ispod savskog mosta, dok se sumrak sprema (Under the Sava Bridge, as dusk prepares)
Vise mene nema. (I’m gone).

Stay safe and let’s hope this is soon over so we can all smile again and enjoy and respect life even more!

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