In September this year we (my wife and I) moved from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, to Bilthoven in the central part of the Netherlands.

09/09/2021; Leaving Serbia

It was a huge step and not easy to made, but we humans are not trees on the other hand. Bilthoven (the municipality has around 43.000 inhabitants) is a bit different then Belgrade (around 2,5 million inhabitants) we discovered the first couple of months, but we love it. The Netherlands is of course different than Serbia, but there are also similarities and there are more than you think!

City hall of the municipality De Bilt

Do I miss Serbia ? Honestly I do not know. Of course I miss things like my friends, a walk on Kalemegdan with the amazing Belgrade sunsets or the Serbian food. What I don ‘t miss is the crowd, the traffic jams, the air pollution or the total chaos sometimes. Yes I remember always the answer of Serbs around me in such situations: ‘Ah pa da ovo je Srbija'( oh , but yes this is Serbia). The Netherlands is an organised country, rich, clean, but sometimes I was in situations  in the Netherlands that I thought if I have never left Serbia….

Sunset over the Sava in Belgrade.

We entered a new phase in our life and we are very excited about it. Serbia will always stay in our hearts,  and I know I am always welcome in this crazy beautiful country! Živela Srbija!

22/12/2021: Serbian-Hungarian border at Bački Breg.