7th September 2008 will be the day that I will climb the Mount Korab, which is 2754 meters high and situated on the border of Macedonia and Albania. My Macedonian friend asked me “did you train? ” My answer was where I have to train, as my country is _________?

I am lucky I can bike every day to my work, I do move a lot, so I am ok, but I hope I will make it to the top….I bought the right shoes now, which walks wonderful, but still I am scared, that I will be a sissy and will not make it. The right spirit I have, so mentally it will be no problem….

Here some background info:

Celebrating 8th September – The Independence day of Republic of Macedonia, mountaineering club „Korab“ from Skopje, is organizing the annual 17th international climb “Golem Korab 2008” (2754 a.s.l.) at mountain Korab. The event is at 07.09.2008.

After arriving of the column to the starting point near the border object “Pobeda” (the buses are stopping 2,5 km before the army object and that part has to be passed on foot). After short opening the start of the climb is scheduled for 09:00.
14:00 is the time when the summit is closing for climbing, from that time every participants must turn around and go back toward the starting point.
17:30 is scheduled for closing the climb and dividing the diplomas.

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