Yesterday I took the trolleybus number 103 here in Sarajevo. I came from the Lukavica bus station, which is the bus station for destinations from Sarajevo towards the Republika Srpksa and Serbia. There is another bus station in Sarajevo which serves the rest.

I had to go to the Lukavica bus station to buy a bus ticket because tomorrow I take the bus towards Kraljevo which is in Serbia.


When I arrived in Dobrinja (which is the part of Sarajevo where all the Serbs live) I saw quickly the difference: all the letters were in Cyrillic, were in the rest of Sarajevo the latin alphabet is used.. ..It was like I crossed an invisible border between the entities in Bosnia Herzegovina: the Republika Srpska and the Federation. Just a detail: whole of Sarajevo is within the Federation even Dobrinja.


I want to ordered a bus ticket, but the ticket office was closed, because they had a break. This gave me the time to drink a beer. Surprise: they had not “Sarajevsko” pivo, no they had “ Jelen” pivo, which is a beer from Serbia. After I ordered my ticket it was time to go back to the city and you can guess it, I took the trolleybus 103 back.


It takes around 30 minutes to go back to the city, but the difference is astonishing and that I wanted to share with you….Sarajevo is really on the edge of the Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim world and you can see it, feel it and smell it.

Back in the hostel (it is a really good one I can recommend you) a Bosnian men, living in the UK, started to talk to me about the DNA from the Bosnians which is different then that one of the Serbs… I asked him what helps him to think like that. The answer was simple, they (the Serbs) are murders, they started the extermination of the Bosnians. I asked him, what if you mix a German and a Dutch, what DNA will be formed then? I got no reply…Then again the whole blabla story and I decided not to continue the discussion, because we will never agree and we both agreed. He was friendly, I only did not agreed with him…


I do not want to have discussions like these ones, because I think we are all human beings and what the hell DNA has to matter with that? Different DNA, so what I do not care……I cannot judge about the things happened here during the civil war of 1992-1995, because I was not involved (and thank god I would say). It were Bosnia nationalistic politicians who did stirred up the people and then the inferno started with catastrophic results for this beautiful country and it’s friendly inhabitants.

Politicians nowadays can talk about inter ethnic relations, peace and more like this. but if the minds of the people are not ready for that then it is going to be very difficult. The political situation here is still not good, but there has to be a solution for Bosnia and I hope it will be a good one…

Trolleybus 103 will continue driving between Dobrinja 4 and the Latinska Cuprija…

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