I have been in Vienna and that was really nice. I walked through the city and made nice pictures.  Vienna is a beautiful city, I really like it (I only was there a couple of hours).

Only the CAT (City Airport Express), I hate it: it goes only 2 times an hour in the evening hours, therefore I had to take a taxi for 30 euro ‘s to not miss my plane 🙁

Here a poem and some pictures and then I will write soon a blog about Sarajevo where I am now.


Au cœur de l ‘ Europe Vienne a toujours
le grandeur d’ un capitale d’ un
de plus grands anciens empires en Europe.

Les palais, les opéras et les grands bâtiments
d’ une époque loin passe
donnent cette grandeur que je sens.

En marchant dans les rues de Vienne
c’ est dur de comprendre comment c’ était,
mais facile de voir comme c’ est maintenant.

Vienne, le 20 mai 2009


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