Yes, within a week I am going to make a trip again, but a very busy one: 3 countries (Germany, Lithuania and France) and +/-5200 km in 12 days. Will I survive this ? Will I miss the Balkans? I have to discover and I will see and experience……Traveling is discovering….

A short overview (the kilometres are counted from the start point)
‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)-Kiel (D) by train: 617 km
Kiel (D)-Riga (LV)-Vilnius (LT) by plane: 1930 km
Vilnius (LT)-Ukmerge (LT) by bus: 2013 km
Ukmerge (LT)-Les Herbiers (F) by bus, plane and train: 4210 km
Les Herbiers (F)-‘s-Hertogenbosch by train: 5210km

And then what I am going to do? I will explain you in short:
-In Germany a friend invited me in Kiel, to celebrate (with him and other friends/ acquaintances of me and him ) the “Kieler woche”, the biggest sail event in the world.

-In Lithuania I will visit a friend to see her new born child.

-In France I will attend the wedding of my friends.

Wish me a good trip: I hope I can write something on my blog, but I don ‘t know, probably I am traveling…. Why I will do this? First of all I want to see my friends ( I can ‘t help they live so far) and second of all I like traveling…

When I will start this trip via the station of ‘s-Hertogenbosch I will see a famous (Dutch poetic) sentence when I will take the stairs to the platforms (of the trains)  : “Al reizend ervaart men het leven vreemder: overal anders en overal eender’. (“While traveling people experience life different:  everywhere different and everywhere the same).

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