Carnival is over, it was again great 🙂 I spent a great time with my family& old and new friends & acquaintances & unknown 🙂 I celebrated it for three days and visited Roermond, Eindhoven (Saturday)  and of course most of the time I was in my hometown Oeteldonk (‘s-Hertogenbosch) (Friday&Sunday).

Yes it was again a nice carnival,  I was not in the mood for it at the first place, but when it starts there is no return.  During the carnival I started back working (Tuesday) and it seems spring slowly arrives in the low countries, below a picture made last Saturday in the old harbor of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

So with spring arriving in NL I go the 15th March to Macedonia for a week. First I stay in the capital Skopje where the 16th March I get an award of being the “best promoter of Macedonia”: I did not win something, but that does not matter, as they stated:  “winners are all “:-)  The event is covered by Macedonian media (Kanal 5 TV and Nova Makedonija), so maybe I will be even on TV 😉 But as a winner you cannot lay down and say “done”.

No, there is always a need for improvement, so I will continue my tour in Macedonia by going the 17th to Bitola (in the south) where I will meet an old study friend (from my study period in Ghent-Belgium) which I did not see for 10 years! He will come from Greece and we will meet in Bitola. From there I continue to make the “Macedonian circle”, because I will travel to Ohrid. After Ohrid I will meet my friends in Kičevo and some mountain climbing will be done again. On the 22nd I will complete the circle and go back via Skopje to NL :-(.

I am happy to go back to Macedonia and to see my friends again. Idem u Makedoniju  :-)!!!!

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