Since yesterday I am in Skopje, Makedonija and I am amusing myself really good. Yesterday I went straight from the airport to my hotel and I was happy that a friendly Macedonian took me to the hotel, so there was no need to negotiate with “taxi mafia”at the airport 🙂

After I dropped my stuff I immediately went to the centar (city center) to meet my friends. I was happy and spent a nice evening. There was only one negative point: I had problems with my ears, because of the flight and I have never experienced it before. The wife of one of my friends is a doctor, so he called his wife for some medicine, which really helped.

Then it was time to go to sleep, because today I got a diploma for the fact that I promote Macedonia through my website and other means. It was very nice meeting, I got my diploma / award and I am somehow proud 🙂

Now I go to sleep,because tomorrow I am sitting already at 09h00 in the bus to Bitola 🙂

ps) my Serbo-Croatian language course is paying its advantage 🙂 I ordered the bus ticket to Bitola for 9 o clock totally in Serbo-Croatian 🙂

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