A long time dream is hopefully getting true within less three months: “Od Vardara do Triglava” (from the Vardar to Triglav). I am doing it the reversed way (of course, that’s me): from Triglav to the Vardar:  From Trieste to Thessaloniki (TT?), travelling through whole ex-Yugoslavia. Triglav is a mountain in the Julian Alps in Slovenia and the Vardar is a river in Macedonia ending the the Aegean Sea near Thessaloniki in Greece.

I will start from Trieste (Italy) entering former Yugoslavia by foot in Nova Gorica (Slovenia). From there on I will go by train to Bohinj so I can start (with a friend and maybe more I do not know yet) to climb Triglav, with 2864 meters above sea level  the highest mountain of ex-Yugoslavia, nowadays Slovenia. Two and a half week later I hope I will be standing on Nidže (Kajmakčalan), a 2521 meter high peak on the Greek-Macedonian border,  and look back into Yugoslavia and the wonderful trip I had through it….

A lot needs still to be arranged, but on the other hand it is not the first time I will travel through this beautiful region. Of course I will visit my friends and this time I will visit also again new places (like for example the Croatian coast/ the Julian Alps). I am looking forward to it: a longtime dream is getting shape!

And here it is my final draft, don’t need to mention that I am looking forward to it 🙂 I will try to blog about my trip as much as possible, so please follow my blog!

30 aug, NL-BE: ‘s-Hertogenbosch-Brussel;
31 aug, BE-I-SLO: Brussel-Trieste-Gorizia-Nova Gorica-Bohinj;
1 sept, SLO: climbing Triglav 1st day;
2 sept:, SLO climbing Triglav 2nd day: top;
3 sept, SLO: climbing Triglav 3th day descending and so;
4 sept, SLO: Bohinj-Lubljana;
5 sept, SLO-HR: Travel from Ljubljana to Rijeka further on by boat to Dubrovnik;
6 sept, HR: In the boat from Rijeka to Dubrovnik;
7 sept, HR: Dubrovnik;
8 sept,HR-BIH: A visit to Mostar (BIH) ;
9 sept, HR-MNE: Dubrovnik-Budva;
10 sept, MNE-SRB: Budva-Kraljevo;
11 sept, SRB: Kraljevo
12 sept, SRB: Kraljevo
13 sept, SRB-MK: Kraljevo-Skopje-Kicevo (and with a first sight to the Vardar 😉
14 sept, MK: Kicevo-Ohrid
15 sept, MK-ALB: Ohrid-Podgradec
16 sept, MK: Ohrid
17 sept,MK-GR:Ohrid-Florina
18 sept, GR-MK: climbing Nidže
19 sept,GR-MK: Florina-Skopje
20 sept,MK-SRB-NL:Skopje-Belgrade-Amsterdam


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