I entered Croatia via Slovenia where I took the boat from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, which is a 23 ½ hours journey on the Adriatic Sea. I enjoyed the sea trip really much and the views were like on postcards. The atmosphere on the boat was really good and I met some nice people.

Now I am in Dubrovnik, which is really a touristic place, but I am very glad I am staying with friends just 7 km outside of Dubrovnik. I couldn’t make it to Bosnia Hercegovina from here and I do not regret it, because it will mean another 6 hours return trip with uncomfortable times: these are my holidays and I am already traveling enough all the way from the Triglav in Slovenia to the Vardar river in Macedonia.

Dubrovnik, ancient name Ragusa, is a marvelous old city with a astonishing history which I shan’t repeat here on my blog. I would say, have a look on Wikipedia for example. Here some pictures from the boat trip and a view towards the Adriatic yesterday 🙂 Tomorrow I go to Budva in Montenegro and a day later to my friends in Kraljevo, Serbia. For now: puno pozdrava iz Dubrovnika !

06/09/2011:On the boat from Rijeka to Dubrovnik.
06/09/2011: Korčula, Croatia.
08.09.2011: Mlini, Croatia

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