My aim was to reach the highest mountain of Slovenia and all ex-Yugoslavia, but fear prevented me to climb the 2864 meters high Triglav. I was stuck at “Mali Triglav”, altitude 2751 meters above sea level. I am proud of my decision to stop at “Mali Triglav”, because I thought ‘safety first’. My Slovenian friends told me, you can only make one mistake in the mountains….and I do agree. I did not want to make any mistake so Mali Triglav was enough for me.

The first day of climbing was quite tough as we ended up in rain and fog, the temperature dropped to 6C. The second day we made it to the top and the last day we descended back to Stara Fuzina. Three days of walking in total, without the comforts we know in daily life and I have to admit I enjoyed it.

Anyway I reached Mali Triglav and from there I continued my trip through ex-Yugoslavia. Slovenia is a beautiful country, I have no words for it. I am happy I visited it and I will return to Slovenia for sure.

 A big thanks to my Slovenian friends, John and all others who supported me.

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