On Friday 9th September I went from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Budva which is in Montenegro (Crna Gora). The bus ride was not that long, so I could spent the afternoon and evening in Budva which was really nice. We took the ferry to cross the bay of Kotor, the only fjord in Southern-Europe and (wikipedia article) it is very beautiful as you can see below on the panorama picture I made.

09/09/2011: Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

Budva seemed to me like “Lloret de Mar” in Spain (although I have never been there), but then for the Balkans and Russia. I spent a nice time in Budva, but the Vardar was waiting for me so after a nice afternoon and evening the next morning I had to be ready for a 9 hours bus ride to my next stop Kraljevo in Serbia 🙂

09/09/2011: Budva, the old town, Montenegro.


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