On Saturday the 10th September it was time to cross the chain of mountains which forms the backbone of mountains of former Yugoslavia. I went from Budva (Montenegro) to my next destination of my trip through ex-Yugoslavia which was Kraljevo in Serbia.

Chain of mountains, viewed from Kraljevo

About Serbia I have written already a lot and for me Serbia stays like an undiscovered flower. A flower which I have discovered already many times, but which I re-discover always when I am there.

Lazac, Srbija

I spent a nice time with my Serbian friends, which welcome me always very hospitable and very friendly. I was more then halfway of my trip “Od Triglava do pa Vardara, it was hot in Serbia and I was a bit tired, because of all the travelling, so I spent some relaxing days in Kraljevo.

On Wednesday (14th September) I was again honoured to be invited to join the celebration of the day of “the family saint” (in this case Sveti Simeon) of the family from my friends. In Serbian this celebration is called “Slava” and it is a beautiful celebration with a lot of foods and drinks. Again I felt special to be part of this “Slava”, a big thanks to my Serbian friends again.

After celebrating “Slava” I had to hit the road again, because it was time to see the Vardar in Macedonia…..

Lazac, Srbija

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