Who says they have no humor in Serbia ? I know by experience they have it and I like it personally that “Serbian humor”. After a serious discussion about the granted EU-candidate member status of Serbia (you can be in favor of it or against it, I respect any opinion in this case)) my eye fell on a post below which I found on Facebook: I could not resist  to not share it here on my blog, so you can find it here below.

I do not want to make any statement with it, I just think it is funny and for me it is also meant funny 🙂


2007: Bulgaria and Romania entering the EU.

2010: Croatia enters the EU (note of myself: it will be 2013).

2015: In entering the EU and Macedonia, Bosnia, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro.

2017: Employing the first man in our administration of the EU.

2018: Our first man in the administration of the EU employs her, the woman’s taxon and godparents, and family members closest neighbors, and some people from their homeland.

2019: Our already account for 10% of the EU administration.

2022: Our share in the administration of 60%. EU administration salary increases three times, introducing flexible working hours, and South Slavic languages ​​as official.

2024: Due to stress, 90% of the members of the EU administration is on sick leave. Most sick leave is recorded in the period from 15.6. to 15.10. and 15.12. to 15.1. Patients are seen by the Mediterranean, in Bali and the Alps, where the EU at the expense of treatment for stress. The Act provides that the EU bears most of the costs of treatment of the sick. Do they return to work employing new workers.

2025: Number of the Western Balkans, the EU administration is 90%. Macedonians in a referendum rejected the euro again.

2026: Comes to cutting costs and laying the cleaners, cooks, drivers – all of them Belgian nationals. The share of the Balkans, the EU administration reaches 99.3%.

2027: Croatia gets new loans of the EU, including the one for the cultivation of silk worms and great crested grebes. Croatian presidency ends a six-month term. Montenegro successfully terminated the privatization process. As of January 2028 EU presidency over Belgrade.

2028 Germany in February, withdrawing from the European Union. A month later, to make France and Finland, and by the end of the year, during Albanian presidency, and the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece and Slovenia. All of these countries impose stringent visa requirements for nationals of EU countries….



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