My next trip will be a trip which I was already looking forward too for months and soon it is going to happen: I will travel to Armenia & Nagorno Karabakh and Georgia!I have the opportunity to join the “summer-university”of les Anciens d’AEGEE which will be held there for 12 days. I am member of  Les Anciens d’AEGEE and this is the re-union organisation of AEGEE (the European student organisation where I was member during my student period). Advantage is that we have local organizers, so I hope I can get the “local” experience over there.

Yerevan-Armenia with the backdrop of Mount Ararat Photocredit wikipedia: Serouj Ourishian

Actually in my life I have seen a lot of countries, but I have never traveled so far, so also because of that I am quite excited. It is also nice to have holiday of course, after a difficult period for me personally,but what interests me the most is the stunning history of this part of the world: I can’t wait and I hope I can update you via my blog and share the pictures I will make.

Below a map of the planned trip I will make ( click on the map to enlarge):

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