We, Dutch people like to complain about the weather, I thought they do not do that here in Serbia, but I was obviously wrong. The Serbs can complain about the weather and they do! Always nice to find something we have in common, it is also good for my integration in a Serbian society. The summer was a disaster (too cold, too much rain, but according to Dutch standards quite pretty good), the after summer was pretty OK (for the Dutch it would be summer), but it seems a cold front is now approaching as you can see the weather prediction for Belgrade below.

The Serbs told me about Košava and when I saw the weather prediction for this week I thought maybe I go to experience my first Košava? When I first heard about it I thought about a disastrous wind, a hurricane, a tornado or whatever (come on, in the Netherlands there is a lot of wind). Košava, a beautiful name, exotic for me, but my dear Serbs told me to be aware of it, because actually it is awful.  I searched it up a bit and Wikipedia writes this about this:

 Košava  is a cold, very squally southeastern wind found in Serbia and some nearby countries. It starts in the Carpathian Mountains and follows the Danube northwest through the Iron Gate region where it gains a jet effect, then continues to Belgrade. It can spread as far north as Hungary and as far south as Niš.

Anyway, the weather is something we cannot control so we will just wait and meanwhile listen to a beautiful song 🙂 , with or without Košava.

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