Chalkidiki is in Northern Greece and it has three peninsulas. Currently we are visiting the second one (the middle finger some people would say) and we have to admit, it is really boooring….  See the pictures and judge yourself.

As you can see: nothing interesting here.
They did not tell us that the sea has waves…
As you can see the coastline is really boring.
And then those stupid flowers everywhere.
The sunsets in Chalkidiki are also nothing special, just like the ones from the movies.
Better leave your slippers and sunglasses on the beach and run as fast away from here…. By the way : everywhere sand on the beach !!! They didn’t tell us that !

Hope this photo impressions helped you to understand that actually it is really boring here and that there is nothing to see here in Chalkidiki.

ps) for those who do not understand irony: we really love it here, it is so beautiful and the people are really friendly 🙂

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