It is almost 3 years ago that I moved from the Netherlands to Serbia and slowly but surely I integrate more and more into the Serbian society. I have to admit that it is not always easy and my patience is tested many times, but  patience is always rewarded. The holiday season is in “full swing”  so I want to share my Serbian integration experiences regarding this topic here on my blog. So where do Serbs go? It is actually very easy, because most Serbs are mostly going to the ” more”. “More” is Serbian for sea, so my wife told me all the time, ” this we need for the more” , ” that we need for the more”. As I am from the Netherlands which is a true sea nation ” more” is a pretty wide term for me, but for Serbs it is pretty clear: it is the sea in Greece or the sea in Montenegro. Greece is the most popular destination, with the peninsula of Chalkidi (which is below Thessaloniki) as number one destination.

July 2017: boat trip mount Athos (Greece), photo made by myself.

So we went this year for the second time to Neos Marmaras (link) which is a lovely place on the “second finger” of Chalkidiki. My wife discussed with her colleagues  already months before which are the nicest beaches there and where to go. My colleagues also told me where to go and which place is where. On the Serbian state TV you have a program, 24SAT, which describe ever possible way to Greece (and Montenegro) and where to stop, eat &sleep. Unfortunately you can ‘t make everybody happy as I have 1 colleague from Montenegro who was angry with me, because I went to Greece and not to “his” lovely & beautiful Montenegro: sorry Jasco ;-). And so I have more Serbs around (if not all) me who went to Greece or soon will go (and yes Jasco, one family member of me is going to… Montenegro).

July 2017, City beach in Neos Marmaras (Sithonia,Greece), photo made by myself. 

Moral of the story: since I live in Serbia my knowledge about Greece is increasing very fast. I know Serbs have to work hard and a lot the whole year so I wish them all happy holidays and of course I wish that to everybody else as well ! Enjoy your holidays!

July 2017: Sunset in Parthenonas (Sithonia, Greece), photo made by myself.

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