The village of Rudnik is located in the Šumadija region in central Serbia. It is located at around 600 meters above sea level. The highest peak is the Cvijić’s Peak ,named after Jovan Cvijic, a famous Serbian geographer. It is with 1132 meters above sea level also the highest peak of the Šumadija region.

View towards Gornji Milanovac as seen from the view point Šturac near Cvijić’s Peak.

After more than 50 days of lock-down in Serbia, due to the corona crises, we finally could go out and we went to visit Rudnik. It is famous as an air spa, but also famous for mining activities, which the Romans already practiced in this region.

The view from the mountain is beautiful, especially now when it is full spring.

Like a postcard: the view from Šturac

Although the sky was not really clear still we could see over great distances: Stolovi mountain (near Kraljevo), the Ovčar and Kablar mountains near Čačak and even the peak of Golija which is between Ivanjica an Novi Pazar.

We even found some quartz and some beautiful flowers as you can see below.

A special thanks to our friend Momčilo Paunović from Rudnik who gave us a warm welcome with interesting information about his village.

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