Finally I visited last month the Toasties Truffles Trains (in Dutch Tosti’s, Truffels en Treinen) exhibition at the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht (the Netherlands). A very nice exhibition and for me personally very special as I am part of the exhibition.  I worked for the Railtender in the Netherlands and the ‘Compagnie Internationale des Wagons Lits’ in Brussel (Belgium), you can read more about that here (link).  Last year I was contacted by the curator of the Railway Museum and he asked me if I could share things & memories from the time I worked for the catering in the trains. Of course I would cooperate I wrote him back.

So now it was finally time to see the result!

The panel with my picture and some things which I used during my work (click to enlarge).

And as an extra bonus I got to see te working replica of the “Arend ” steam locomotive, which was the first steam locomotive in the Netherlands and started its service in 1839 between Amsterdam and Haarlem. It was a wonderful day and a beautiful and interesting exhibition, compliments to those who made it possible!

Good news: the exhibition is extended until 10/01/2021.

The documentary “Dineren tussen de rails” from RTV Utrecht (Dutch only): you can see me from 15’09 can be seen on YouTube (link).

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