After 7 years of living in Serbia we decided that it is time to go to the Netherlands. It is difficult to leave such a beautiful country with such wonderful people behind.

We have many reasons why we leave Serbia, but we also have many reasons why we will miss Serbia. I can name all the reasons here why we leave, but I do not want to spit on this beautiful country:  I spent 7 beautiful years in Serbia, I will bring many beautiful memories with me  and I will cherish them, but it is time to move on for me and my wife.

I saw this country changing in the last 7 years ( it would be the same of course if I would live any where else) and the direction of these changes made us to decide to leave Serbia and to start living in the Netherlands.

In this context there is not a more nostalgic song than ‘ Tamo daleko’ (=there far away) which can be played in this context …

Hold on Serbia, until we meet again!