Yesterday I went to the monastery of Studenica, which is approximately 40 km southwest of Kraljevo. Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the medieval Serb state, founded the monastery in 1190. It is one of the richest and holiest monasteries of Serbia. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Together with my friends Darko, Radovan and Igor I visited this monastery in the early morning, because after we went to ski-resort Kopaonik on the ” border” Serbia/Kosovo.

The monastery is built in a peaceful environment: it is built in the remote valley of the Studenica river, a tributary of the Ibar and the monastery itself is surround by lovely mountains. In the church you will find the tomb of the first Serbian king Stefan Nemanja and the tomb of Saint Anastasia the mother of Saint Sava.

Saint Sava is considered as one of the most important figures in Serbian history. I was impressed by the beauty and the myths of this monastery and I was glad that I could visit it together with my friends.

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