I still cannot pronounce this place, but last Friday I have been there: Vrnjačka Banja. It is a very famous mineral spa through whole ex-Yugoslavia. Beside that it is a very pleasant village to walk around and to sit somewhere to relax.

The site “visit Serbia” write: ” It owns its reputation to its therapeutic effects known already to the Roman troops in the II century. Founded 1868 it is receiving the citizens from all South-West Europe coming here for rest or to treat some illness.”

There is also a bridge of love,” love couples”  put a lock on the bridge: hey, where I have seen that before ? Exactly in Cologne, Germany….


The main street of Vrnjacka Banja is full with souvenir shops and when I walked there last Friday full with school kids having an excursion. If you want to spent a relaxing and nice afternoon you should really go there and maybe take a bath in the spa.

More information:
Visit Serbia

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