Part  7 of my still unwritten stories from my latest holidays in Serbia (under the title “U Srbiji je sve moguće”=in Serbia everything is possible) contains a “light” subject: yes it is about teddy bears in Beograd :-). The second day when I was in Beograd I had a meeting with Karl, great promoter of Serbia. We met in a park where he was with his daughter. We decided to go to the pub and Luna, his little daughter went with us.

She had two little Teddy’s with her and she told me that she takes them with her everywhere and make then a picture of them somewhere in Beograd…. below in bar

And then when Luna left for a minute I could made secretly a picture 🙂 which you will find below:  Yes I know I am a bad guy, I could be from the tabloids 😉

You see again “U Srbiji je sve moguće”, Teddy’s in Beograd 🙂

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