To make panorama pictures you need the right spot, patience and endurance. I like to make them as hobby and even got sometimes requests if they can have some. If it is not commercial I am easy, because if I can make somebody happy with it then I am happy as well. The country where I live now, Serbia is a beautiful country , but also beautiful to make panoramas so here are the 10 most beautiful panorama pictures I made.

You can click on them to enlarge , I would say enjoy ! And yes if you want some to use, just contact me.

Serbia in 10 panorama pictures

Uvac, in South-west Serbia.
At the confluence of the Sava (left) and Danube (right) river in Belgrade.
The bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad, with the Petrovaradin fortress at the left.
Spring in Miločaj, Central Serbia.
The Danube river near Donji Milanovac near the Iron Gate in the national park Đerdap.
Kosmaj , a 626 meters high mountain south of Belgrade.
Midžor , with 2169 meters a.s.m.l. the highest mountain in Stara Planina (East-Serbia).
Donji Milanovac with the Danube which forms the border with Romania near the Iron Gate in the Đerdap National Park.
Mokra Gora as seen from Sargan’s Eight (=a touristic narrow gauge railway train) in West-Serbia.
The center of Kraljevo in Central-Serbia.


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